Update on Stuff'N'That.... 

Hey all,

Some of you may be thinking "When's this album launch Jason was talking about for so long?" - well the answer is, "As soon as I can" smile emoticon

As those of you close to me may know, my wife has a pretty nasty illness. Unfortunately, it really knocked her around last year, and as a result things for us got pretty tough.

As a result, we've been through some massive life changes: relocating interstate for some family support; changing homes; looking for new work; and coping as best we can with Sue's condition.

So, what's all this personal drama have to do with launching my album? Well, unfortunately it simply has to take a back seat for the short term. Which isn't ALL bad as it will give me some more time to redesign the artwork, arrange musicians, and organise all those (not so fun) logistics issues that have to go on behind the scenes of making music.

So maybe it won't be this year - maybe it will be? - but it will happen in the not too distant future, and I intend to do it well and do it right.

I'll keep you all posted as details unfold.

In the meantime, keep an ear to the ground for me playing around Canberra and surrounds in acoustic guise (often with my brother Darcy, and my pseudo-bro Steve Coulton).

Hope you are all keeping well and enjoying life in this crazy world
smile emoticon



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